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What PCWorks doesn't do.

Since we strive to deliver top-quality services, we think that one of the most important things is to clearly state the few things we don't do.

We do not work on Mac.
We are not able to provide you with support for Macintosh/Apple computers. On the other hand we do, from time to time, provide software or hardware that's compatible with your computer: we'll be glad to answer all your questions about the products we sell.

We do not sell used computers or used computer hardware.
In a market that's constantly evolving, selling used computers won't do any good to our customers. Even if the price for a new entry-level computer is often higher than that of a used one, remember that the new one comes with guarantee and more power.

We do not, and we never will, sell, service or work on SCO products.

We do not sell videogames.

We do not service printers or monitors.
We can provide you with printer toners or inkjet cartridges, however PCWorks doesn't repair printers. As for all the guaranteed hardware, you should contact the manufacturer for this kind of help. What we can do is supply you with extensions of the standard guarantee if the service is offered by the printer/monitor manufacturer.

We do not sell or in any other way provide non-original software.
We think that the work of everybody has to be respected, consider using freeware instead.

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