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Installation, configuration and upgrade.

Nowadays nearly everybody knows the difference between hardware and software, the problem arises when it comes to understand the difference between the various possibilities within each category.

The question is: how do you plan to use the computer and to do what?

Once that question receives an answer, we can show you which configuration you need and leave room for future upgrades. Our solutions also apply to all the software you might need but, more important, our solutions reflect your budget.

That's why - whether you need to buy a new computer or simply upgrade the one you have - you should require our services before taking further steps.
We install all kinds of operating systems, from Microsoft® Windows® to one of the many GNU/Linux distributions around (if you want to know more about Linux, check our FAQ section), even together on the same computer.

PCWorks also keeps a constant eye on security, and private users get a free installation of security updates (if needed) for their system every time one of our technicians is called to solve a problem (more info under "Computer Technical Support").

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