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FAQ: GNU/Linux


Is it really that easy?

Well... different points of view make the answer here.

While Linux has plenty of advantages, it is not always really easy to use. It must be said that, in some cases, the installation still represents a nightmare for the common user and the lack of drivers can represent a serious problem. However, the situation is constantly improving and many distributions come with a graphical installation and configuration program that can handle the whole process making Linux OS enjoyable by everybody.

The most asked question about Linux is: "What can I do with it?"
The answer is, simply: "All you want". Linux includes all sorts of applications: office productivity tools, 2D and 3D graphic applications, chat/messenger/mail applications and a complete set of developer's tools.
The basic system ususally comes with two or more "Window Managers" (like KDE and GNOME), each with its own set of tools, utilities and applications (including media players, internet browsers, e-mail clients, and so on)... and a different look and feel.
And, what's more is that you can completely customize the whole OS to match your specific needs - provided you have the ability to modify its source code.

The great strenght of Linux is that it offers stability and reliability, and that in case you want to learn more about a particular subject - like a programming language - tools and documentation are free.

Linux can be installed together with other Operating Systems and it's free - explore the links we included in this page to know more and, if you have other questions, contact us.

Debian Debian is the purest Linux distribution around. If you never used Linux, maybe you want to start with some other distribution.
Why don't try Slackware? It's free, you can get it from the official website and there's also a pretty good installation manual that gets close enough to a step-by-step installation guide.

United Linux This is one of the most interesting project of the last years, four big names in the Linux market teamed up to offer a new standard to work with. You can read all about it by clicking on the above link.

Please note: while PCWorks provides Linux installations also for products by SuSe Linux and TurboLinux, that are founding members of the UnitedLinux project, we do not and we never will sell or offer any sevice on any SCO product - either related or not related to the UnitedLinux project.

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