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Maxtor external harddrives

Maxtor OneTouch external hard drives.

Maxtor external hard drives make it simple to add high-performance, high-capacity storage to your home, personal, or office computers. These products plug into external USB and/or FireWire PC connections.

The Maxtor OneTouch™ drive - simply smarter storage with push-button backup. Just press the button and your files are backed up in one simple step. With up to 300GB, you have ample room to store your videos, photos, graphics, music, and more in one convenient location.

Maxtor OneTouch™ button -- the easy way to make backup copies of your files
FireWire interface powered by the Oxford 911 chipset
Ideal for editing video and creating high-end graphics
Whisper-quiet fluid dynamic bearing motor
FireWire® compatible -- up to 400Mb/sec data transfer rates
Anodized aluminum design
Customizable Maxtor OneTouch button
Connect up to 62 FireWire® devices
Plug and play storage
Dantz® Retrospect® Express software included
Desktop disaster recovery
Power on/off button and power management utilities included
Quick and easy installation
250GB holds up to:
19 hours of DV video
250 hours of MPEG video
250,000 digital photos
62,500 MP3 files

The Maxtor OneTouch personal series
includes drives up to 300Gb, for PC and Mac.

Interface: 1394/FireWire/i.LINK and USB 2.0/1.1
Sustained transfer rate (maximum):
- USB 2.0 - 34 MB/sec
- FireWire - 41 MB/sec
Bus transfer rate (maximum):
- USB 2.0 - 480 Mb/sec
- FireWire - 400 Mb/sec

Maxtor OneTouch Personal USB 250GB with USB & FireWire connections:
€ 300,-- incl. BTW , software, drivers and cables.

Only in Amsterdam (within Ring A10): price includes delivery and installation.

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