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A technician

Each customer has different needs, and we at PCWorks focus on our customers. That's why we offer many different options for you to choose from depending on the problem you are experiencing and on the operating system installed on your computer. Maybe you don't even need the presence of a technician at your place.

Here's what we offer:

  • You get a technician on site wherever you need
  • You can benefit from on-site and remote technical assistance
  • Our i-Desk is active 7 days a week
  • We can assist you even outside normal working hours
  • We bundle the costs of new hardware and its installation (see below)

Offer for private users: Whenever a PCWorks technician is called to solve your computer problems you'll receive a free installation of the latest security patches and updates - free of charge.
You won't even have to pay for the time it takes.

Limited time bundle offer Buy new hardware or software and get 50% off the regular installation price so you can experience the benefits of our full-range assistance:

  • We examine your needs and advise for the best solutions
  • You chose the solution
  • We do the rest

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