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FAQ: DVD-Media

A few things to know about the different DVD Recordable discs.

Who is used to backup data on CD and is thinking about buying one of the new DVD burners won't probably face any problems with any of the actual DVD standards.

While every standard ( +R/RW / -R-RW / RAM ) offers 4.7Gb of space, business users that need to backup relatively large amounts of data should consider DVD-RAM discs that are rewritable up to 100.000 times against the 1.000 times of the +/-RW formats. On the other hand DVD-RAM won't play on any home player.

Who, instead, is planning to buy a DVD burner primarily for other uses, for example who plains to transfer personal video footage on one of these new discs in order to watch it using the common home DVD-Player should consider a couple of things.

Regardless of the standard, recordable discs are not guaranteed to play on every stand-alone DVD-Player and, ironically, it seems that the cheaper the home DVD-player is, the more the chance of having it reproduce one of these burned DVDs.
So, if you are thinking about buying a DVD burner and you think that from time to time it could be nice to make your own complete video DVD to watch at home, maybe it's the case to visit the links on the right, especially "Video Help" offers an extensive collection of info and tutorials to obtain the best results.

Actually, DVD recordable discs are offered in three "flavours": DVD+R(RW), DVD-R(RW) and DVD-RAM. Each sports an extremely low cost-per-Gigabyte (compare it, for example to the various ZIP drives) representing an excellent solution in every situation where data space is needed.

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