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A word on security

Protect your data and your privacy.

Security represents one of today's major problems for both private and business users.
Antivirus software and firewall solutions are something that every computer user, especially if connected to the internet, has to consider.

Virus, worms and mobile code
Knowing more about this threats is the first step in protecting your data in an effective way and avoid the trouble and costs associated with the infection of a virus. There is a wide array of solutions to protect your system and your network, both software and hardware.

Private users
Home users can benefit from a wide range of software products to protect their computer from known and unknown viruses, junk e-mail and data theft. Furthermore, the content of many websites on the Internet is rated as offensive or obscene and your kids shouldn't face the chance of ending on one of those websites.
How did this spyware get in my computer?
Spyware is a category of software that "reads" information on your computer (browser history, for example) and transmits it over the Internet to a recipient that's usually unknown. One of the most common reasons why a user has one or more of this little programs running without being aware of them is that he or she downloaded and installed something (games or other freebies) from a website they were casually visiting. The potential risk of damage that spyware can cause is high.

Corporate users
The same problems affect business users, in this case company assets could be seriously compromised if the right countermeasures are not taken. Business plans, customer and partner data could be damaged or get stolen. Without a good security policy a network failure or an intrusion could cause the end of a business, no matter how big.

There is already a solution to the most common problems.

The software industry offers everything you need to protect your personal data and your privacy: antivirus software, spam killers, spyware detectors and many more programs can solve the most common problems for home users.
For every business, from the small business network up to corporate LANs and WANs, installing a combination of software and hardware appliances often represents the best solution, being an improvement in terms of security and productivity.

PCWorks works with you in selecting a solution that fits your needs.

Antivirus Today a good antivirus software is something we can't live without, unless we don't care about our personal data. As more and more viruses spread over the internet and on the old computer media such as floppy-disks and CDs it's important to keep your system and your antivirus up-to-date.

Firewall Every user that connects to the internet by means of an ADSL or faster connection should seriously consider the benefits of a firewall protection. A firewall can monitor incoming and outgoing connections and allow or block them. In can be configured to handle the most common tasks without prompting for authorization. Most firewall appliances are completely transparent for your network.

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